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    Welcome to the virtual part of my workshop.

    At the moment, all my activity is concentrated in the Telegram channel.

    I do engraving and jewelry, but I don't use precious metals and stones. Agree, because gold and silver, in jewelry, is a method of investment. There are better ways to invest in today's world. For example, I invest in a tool. It brings me profit. And silver is a dead weight and its value is only falling.

    I started engraving in February 2020. No, COVID-19 hasn't affected me in any way. The change in my attitude to work affected someone else. But I'm getting off topic again. :-) I just saw the coins of Roman Booteen (instagram @romanbooteen) and was very impressed. I realized that if not the same, then at least almost the same, I can engrave. And I can embed mechanisms in coins, but so far I haven’t built a single one. Although I already started doing one project, I postponed it until inspiration. I often remember it and ask when I will finish it.

    Navigating the site is not hard to figure out. And to contact me, or to order, go to the page Contacts. There are all links to me and e-mail.